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Ashland Cemetery Blog Updated 11/14/2017

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Ashland Cemetery Blog Updated 11/14/2017
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July 4, 2017:  Ashland Cemetery located within the Borough of Carlisle is a beautiful and serene place of historic significance to the Carlisle community.  This unfortunately has now been changed be it temporary or forever has yet to be determined.

I would like to first and foremost thank the many people who have expressed their support by personal visits, emails and phone calls as we move through this unprecedented period in the history of Ashland Cemetery.  Your support has been overwhelming.  The people of this great community have given me, my wife, my son and my mother the resolve to restore Ashland Cemetery from the recent desecration by two individuals who not only believe they are above the rules and regulations of private property but the laws that govern the great State of Pennsylvania.


September 10, 2017:  On the one year anniversary of my brother's death I went to Ashland Cemetery around 5:30 p.m. to stand at his grave not as a funeral director and not as a cemetery owner but as a brother.  Prior to arriving at the cemetery I had spent nearly ten hours at the funeral home doing paperwork and serving a very close family in the afternoon.  As my wife and I left the funeral home, I went to a beautiful pine tree my brother had planted years ago near the rear entrance.  With a pair of snips in hand, I proceeded to prune one branch from the tree.

Upon arriving at the cemetery, I walked to the side of my brother's grave with branch and snips in hand.  I snipped three small parts off the branch and laid one at each of the flat memorials that mark the graves of my father, my uncle and my aunt.  I then went over to my brother's grave and knelt down to the side and snipped the branch two more times and made a Christian Cross that I laid down at the head of his grave.  I will post photos and videos in the near future to show how the decoration from my heart to my brother was treated.  I have decided not to post the video showing the desecration of my natural decoration to my brother.  It is just to mean and I do not want to stoop to the level of the perpetrators.


November 14, 2017:  A beautiful and serene photo below depicts Ashland Cemetery in the glory of the autumn season.  We look forward to the first snow fall on Ashland's hallowed burial grounds, may the purity of a white snow covered landscape restore the quiet and reverent place that Ashland Cemetery has always been known.  We continue to thank the many people in our community who fully support our efforts in the protection of historic Ashland Cemetery.


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